How to buy art as a gift: 5 simple steps

Art at home is not so much about decor as it is a new emotional experience that everyone experiences differently. If this is your first purchase of this kind and you don't know how to approach choosing paintings, then we've made a 5-step tip especially for you!


1. You can match the painting to the interior


This is one of the most common options for choosing a painting as a gift. We'll give you a few helpful hints. Focus on the style and colour scheme of the interior:


Neoclassical and American classics


These interior styles stand up to almost all painting styles. The exception is academic realism (realistic landscapes, still lifes, portraits).




This interior style requires laconism in paintings too. If it's an abstraction, geometric is better. If it's some sort of object painting, then also very laconic, without fine details. It's better to have a single object in the picture.


Art Deco


A style of luxury, glitz and saturated colour. Choose works with bright colors that support the main colours of the interior or deliberately decorative works. The grandeur is mandatory here! If landscape - beautiful architectural constructions or regular gardens (not a country garden or a countryside landscape) as Art Deco doesn't tolerate commonness and simplicity. Avant-garde styles are preferred. Avoid works in the style of academic realism.



This interior style, on the contrary, does not tolerate excessive pathos and pomposity. And in the paintings as well. Rustic motifs, shabby and aged paintings etc. would fit in perfectly with this style. Naive art, similar to children's drawings, would also fit well in a country-style interior.


Traditional classics


This interior is the realm of realistic paintings! Landscapes, portraits, still lifes will look organic with the dark classic furniture. Try not to choose small paintings, because they would get lost in a big room. The minimum size is 70x100cm. And - yes, a picture frame is a must.


2. A picture can be matched to a character trait, a hobby, a dream!


The interior, its style and colour scheme are not important here. What's important is to imbue the painting with a meaning that's both immediate and clear to the recipient. Above all, link the picture to an event in the life of your loved one.


3. Choosing the right place to buy your painting


You've probably already noticed that there are a lot of very different paintings on the internet of varying quality. Paint applied to a canvas does not yet make that canvas a work of art. So before you start enjoying/enjoying/surprising yourself, let's find out who the author is. Without knowing who the author is, a painting cannot be appreciated. Especially people who are not familiar with artistic context nor art environment. We at are devoted to curate and preselect the artists and creatives before representing them online. You can always check the artists story and biography at their profile.


4. How to wrap a painting


Our suggestion: wrapping a large painting in Kraft paper and tie it with a coarse jute rope.

5. How to present a painting


With a smile and good wishes! Be sure to accompany your gift with an explanatory context.


If you want to put a painting in the  interior, you can explain why this particular one. If the picture was chosen with a special meaning - to open a context. And make sure you have a folder with the documents on the painting (in case you have chosen it yourself - print out articles about the author, his exhibitions, etc.). If purchased from a gallery - a certificate of authenticity for the painting, background information on the artist, a catalogue of his works, etc.)


And if you've already decided on a painting or any other art object on our website, please feel free to contact us here