Online placement on the


Information and eligibility 



Creatives 18+ working in following mediums: fashion design, photography, graphic design, paintings & sculpture, are welcome to submit works/portfolio that is currently available for sale and is priced between 100- 5000 Euro retail value. 


Please only enter products that would not be reserved by any other shop or gallery within our 12 -month consignment period if selected. This timeframe is flexible if the creatives products are chosen solely for an online placements  with the bazaar. If your work is selected by our team, creatives will be contacted for additional information, images and also be asked to sign a contract. 


Creatives should prepare quality photographs (take a look of recommendations here) of each work that will be featured on our website, including images of the sides and details, in order for potential buyers to have a complete visual representation of your piece. 

On any products sold via our platform, the gallery will charge a 25% commission and the creative will receive 75%. 


Our commission should not be added to the artist's normal selling price.


If accepted, we take 20 + 19%VAT to set up your personal profile at BAZAAR page. 

If case of an offline participation other admission fees apply. 


The buyer of the artwork will cover shipping costs based on a calculated formula of weight and the intended destination. 


Creatives will then be responsible for properly packing the sold work according to our specific instructions and industry standards as well as taking it to a postal location. 


All art will be insured when shipping to protect both parties. 





Please write a short story about yourself, attach photos of items and links to your shop on and social networks.  

- Attach from 5 and more images of your products/ works  
- Please submit only jpg files  
- Images should be no more than 1 MB in file size  
- File Name: Images should be titled in the following manner: First Name-Last Name-Art-Title-a number corresponding to the image description sheet (For example: Martin-Muller-Art-Title-01; Martin-Muller-Art-Title-02; etc.)  
- Annotated Image List: Title of work/Product,  Dimensions, Medium, Year of Completion, Price


Applications will be processed within one week.  


There is no deadline for online placement!

Please be patient and wait for a response, we will get back to everyone. Only confirmed applicants will be sent information about the rules of participation, cost and other details.