Soeren Reimers


Soeren Reimers is a fashion and accessories design studio based in Berlin.
The designer creates handmade objects and intimate images with friends and peers that are presented in fine art and cultural settings.


Their materials are regionally sourced, ethical, and sustainable.
Leathers are reused or artisan-made in small batches in Italy.
They offer natural fiber textiles woven in European mills, as well as recycled and dead stock fabrics that contribute to a circular economy.


Soeren Reimers’ background includes an MA in Fashion Womenswear at the Royal College of Art, designing in-house at brands such as Givenchy in Paris, and mentoring design students as a Professor in the USA.

The studio also creates commissioned work for fashion brands, music video productions and private clients.  @soerenreimers

Soeren Reimer

Corset - CT-10

One Size Fits: XS-M

1370 €

Soeren Reimer

Dress, DCP-10

Size S

310 €

Soeren Reimer

Baguette Bag - BT-1011

650 €

Soeren Reimers

Leather Bra - LT-10

Sizes: 75,80, 85

270 €

Soeren Reimers

Belt, BT-2050

Sizes: 62, 68, 74

210 €

Soeren Reimers

Card Holder - CH-220

90 €